Critical need for sustainable water management in South Asia

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Four years ago, a group of young professionals living in New York with roots in Pakistan had a brilliant idea: they would help the children of their home country learn to read and write.

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The Asian American Culture Committee celebrates all things South Asian with March Masti 2009!

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On October 30th, Nazar hosted its first event in the form of a talk on immigrant labor in global cities, presented by Dr. Biju Mathew. Just before his highly successful lecture that evening, writers Shreya Krishnan and Mrinalini Ranjan spoke to Dr. Mathew about his ideas and experiences.

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The opportunity for a glimpse into the life of the other South Asian: the blue-collar non-professional struggling to make good a chance at a new life; an immigrant not sponsored by a multinational company, having to work ten hour shifts for a pittance.

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A version of Eve Ensler’s hit play “The Vagina Monologues” was enacted at UT on Friday and Saturday, March 21st and 22nd at the Burdine Auditorium. Organized by the Women’s Resource Center, the main objective was to raise money for and awareness about domestic violence against women. The proceeds from the performance were to go […]

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The first sight that comes to mind when I think of the Indian Parliament, or a State Legislative assembly, is a group of men raising slogans, shouting, and protesting near the well of the house. About a month ago, the Union Cabinet’s decision to consider raising the salary of these elected officials – Members of […]

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A simple solution

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There is a general uneasiness in the South Asian and Middle Eastern political spheres as the Pakistan People’s Party makes noise about the return of Benazir Bhutto to Pakistan . Ex-Premier Benazir Bhutto enters the political arena after 8 years of self-imposed exile from Pakistan . Her activity in Pakistan ‘s politics even while in […]

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