Experiencing the music of Maxim Vengerov.

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The Indian Fine Arts presents a night of instrumental maestros.

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Chennai develops a new sports obsession.

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Rang, Dhang aur Sang

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Dr. Biju Mathew, Associate Professor of Business at Rider University, will present a talk on the UT campus later this month. Dr. Mathew will discuss issues related to his widely acclaimed book Taxi!: Cabs and Capitalism in New York City. Come prepared for a lively discussion!

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Woke up Sunday morning, in the paper I read, Bomb blasts in New Delhi, thirty are dead.

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The alarm rings at 6.30,
And twice I hit the snooze.
Eventually I’m up with a headache,
The kind when you have too much booze.

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1. Having spiked hair and a French beard is not so cool in the office. 2. No amount of shouting at your computer will make the internet as fast as it is in the USA. 3. Trudy’s martinis, Chipotle Burrito Bols and homemade hookahs can never be replicated. 4. The UT ID does not give […]

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