“The Hurricane Sandy Experience”

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My visit to Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Poland created a powerful feeling of optimism, even in the midst of a gruesome, historic reality.

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A quick and easy how-to-guide for choosing roommates!

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“Choose me,” he said “Though I am difficult, choose me, and do not go to Death until we have had such a torrid romance.”

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Village life is simple. But it’s definitely not easy.

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Rang, Dhang aur Sang

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Microcredit has, without question, helped a great many impoverished families in decreasing their financial worries, allowing women to raise enough money to send their children to school, save enough for three square meals a day, and provide a better life for their families.

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An electrocardiogram of this movie would unquestionably be a flat line.

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Closure had never felt so real.

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