Cricket is a sport that we fervent followers look to for instant gratification – it can be five days long at times, but even a great session’s play will make us feel like we are the number one team in the world.

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Indian cricket has never been in better health

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Kumble was special because everyone could relate to him.

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A tribute to the retiring Sourav Ganguly

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It is always a tough balancing act. When should experience make way for youth? Where? And most importantly, at what cost? All these questions and more must have plagued Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s mind, and the collective minds of a selection committee that unfortunately (some would say inevitably) often triggers the riotousness of a given region […]

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Both traditionally and statistically, Perth has never been a happy-hunting ground for visiting teams to Australia . And this especially holds true for the Indians, whose reluctance and inability to cope with the pace and bounce of the wicket has been exposed on the two previous occasions they have played there, barring a timeless innings […]

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