A poem of praise for the greatest musical genre. Not to be confused with Indie and Classical Music.

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Creating some of the most breathtaking music on the planet.

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“Austin is one of those rare places where you get so many knowledgeable listeners. Playing at such venues provides a satisfaction of another level.”

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Association for India’s Development (AID) presents “Milan”, a world music concert with the Chhandayan Fusion Ensemble.

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Despite its glass and steel exterior, for the most part, Pune’s down-to-earth-ness and simplicity are retained by its abundant street food culture. Vada paav, pani puri, ragda raav, kutchi daabeli, sev puri, dahi poori, pav bhaji, egg bhurji, chanachur, guddi ke baal and gola,(1) are ubiquitous in the streets, not only co-existing with the McDonalds’ […]

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The Indian Classical Music Circle of Austin (ICMCA) hosts Sitar Maestro Ustad Nishat Khan on March 8th.

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Co-written with Sruti Pegatraju and Vaibhav Jain. The Recital Studio in the Music Building was an appropriate venue for the scintillating Hindustani vocal concert on February 16th , of Vidushi Vandana Bhagwat, a supreme performer and guru of Hindustani vocal music. Presented to the community by ‘Riyaaz’, a UT student vocal group for Indian Classical […]

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On the 29th of September, the India Fine Arts in Austin presented a South Indian Classical Carnatic vocal concert by D.Seshachari and D.Raghavachari at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually impaired. Popularly known as the Hyderabad Brothers, Seshachari and Raghavachari are an established vocal duo in the Carnatic music field. Known for their […]

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