Once you have a God that is a static set of governing physical principles and morally impartial, then you might as well call Him science.

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Christmas Song Debacle Challenges America’s Secular Fabric

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Connecting the 21st century, Julia Roberts, and shallow spirituality.

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The surprisingly ancient concept of Hindu atheism.

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Some might be aware of the temple’s inner workings, but most are not. The majority of individuals go for the family-friendly events and cultural collective that the temple imparts. But come Diwali or time for Sunday prayers, ask yourself – what message am I sending to the temple, and my family members? That it’s acceptable to support a temple that harbors accused pedophiles?

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Washington D.C. is apparently full of all kinds of interesting monuments – like the White House, for instance – but they weren’t even on my list of places to visit when I went there for spring break. Instead I did a whirlwind tour of the amazing Smithsonian Museums, and in particular, the Freer Art Gallery. […]

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