“O Beloved, take me completely, fill me with your love, and set me free”

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My first glimpse of Chennai — the first proper look, not the sprawling landmass at one thousand feet — is a scattering of candy-colored houses, palm trees sprouting from amidst them. For some reason, it’s those palm trees that signal foreignness, how I know I’m actually in Madras1. The airport has changed somewhat. Things seem […]

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Living in the spaces between memory and reality.

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You could make a better luggage out of him than the suitcase he was carrying.

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A tired retreading of the same old jokes.

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Move aside, cricket and tennis.

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Why women have to cover up.

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Celebrating twenty years of Sachin Tendulkar.

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Chennai develops a new sports obsession.

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Despite its glass and steel exterior, for the most part, Pune’s down-to-earth-ness and simplicity are retained by its abundant street food culture. Vada paav, pani puri, ragda raav, kutchi daabeli, sev puri, dahi poori, pav bhaji, egg bhurji, chanachur, guddi ke baal and gola,(1) are ubiquitous in the streets, not only co-existing with the McDonalds’ […]

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