Chennai develops a new sports obsession.

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Microcredit has, without question, helped a great many impoverished families in decreasing their financial worries, allowing women to raise enough money to send their children to school, save enough for three square meals a day, and provide a better life for their families.

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When she plunges from her privileged perch into the filth that is little more than the product of pretense…

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On November 26th, at approximately 9.40pm IST, an event unfolded that has left Bombay reeling in shock.

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On October 30th, Nazar hosted its first event in the form of a talk on immigrant labor in global cities, presented by Dr. Biju Mathew. Just before his highly successful lecture that evening, writers Shreya Krishnan and Mrinalini Ranjan spoke to Dr. Mathew about his ideas and experiences.

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A new semester; new beginnings. Visions turn into reality as the very first issue of Nazar: A South Asian Perspective appears online. Our aim is to establish the magazine as a medium through which opinions and information regarding politics, sports and entertainment can be shared in a way that is both enjoyable and thought provoking. […]

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