Poetry of the Quotidian

Background Music

A strange wind entered
Through the open door,
Softening the baby’s cries
And silencing the old man’s snore.
The creak from the stairs
Could no longer be heard,
And the weatherman
Spoke without saying a word.

The orchestra struck the stage
When they realized nobody was coming.
Radios were never turned off
Because people forgot they were still running.
Sales of violins and hearing aids
Dropped to historic lows,
And a similar fate befell the record store
That was regrettably forced to close.

It was believed that the deafness
Was due to the absence of sound,
For no other reasonable
Explanation had been found.
However, the rivers still hummed
And the songbirds hadn’t stopped whistling.
Rather, the true cause of the silence
Was that nobody was listening.

Learning to Run in Calcutta

One foot in front of the other.
A bit faster.
Not too fast now—
We don’t want anyone falling.
Let the ground push your feet
And the wind comb your hair.
Yes, that’s it.
Anytime you seek liberation,
Just run.
When there’s nothing good on TV,
You can chase the sun for a bit.
When you’re stuck at home,
A pair of Nikes are the best escape.
When the landlord comes a-knocking,
You can leave through the back door.
When police officers demand bribes,
You can sidestep them
And pass free of charge.
Just remember, save enough energy
For the return trip,
Unless of course,
You don’t plan on coming back.
Picture attribution: Gisela Giardino


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