Diwali 2012

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This was my second Diwali at UT, and my first as a member of the officer board of the Hindu Students Association. I, along with the rest of Diwali goers, was disappointed to hear about the cancellation of fireworks last year due to a burn ban throughout the Austin area.  HSA is the only organization allowed to hold fireworks above the UT Tower, and this made the event incredibly special. I arrived for set up at 2 pm, and spent my whole afternoon decorating, setting up tables, and arranging diyas with my fellow officers1. By the time the event was supposed to start I was incredibly tired, and it started getting very cold. Though once the havan began I felt a sense of peace as everyone began to pray and sing bhajans2. As the schedule winded down, everyone was anticipating the start of the fireworks. The show was spectacular. The tower was lit to pay respects to the legendary football coach, Darrell Royal, and this only made the fireworks show even more special. It was during this part of Diwali that I realized how lucky I was to be part of an organization that can make events like this happen. HSA succeeded in making students feel at home for Diwali, which is all anyone can ask for.

Making door hangers

Creating rangoli designs3

Students around a havan for puja4,5

Students around a havan for puja

Priest chanting for the puja

Students taking aarti6

Student Aakash Mittal taking aarti

Glowing Diyas

Fireworks above the tower

Fireworks above the tower

Diya1: an oil lamp, usually made from clay
Bhajan2: any kind of Indian devotional song, has no mixed form
Rangoli3: art made from colored powder
Havan4: a small fire used for religious ceremonies
Puja5: a religious ceremony
Aarti6: Hindu ritual of worship, part of puja

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