Hurricane Sandy at Bryn Mawr College

Lee McClennon is a junior attending Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. She was one of the many students who experienced the effects of the hurricane as it demolished the area around the university. The following is her take on the “Hurricane Sandy Experience”.

“Things are alright here in Philly. I think we didn’t get quite the destruction that NJ and NY received.

On Sunday afternoon the school made the decision to cancel classes for Monday and Tuesday. It was windy and rainy yesterday morning, but nothing unbearable. The dining halls closed at 2pm, and so I made a trip to pick up some food for the evening. It was pretty calm at that point. My hall was actually having a great time with the day of no obligations!

Things started to pick up around 6pm. I think it was 8pm when the power went off for the first time. After a few seconds our backup generator kicked in, lighting our halls and common areas. There’s nothing like a power outage to bring people together: we all started playing cards together, sharing snacks and chatting in the common room. The power came back on around 8:30, only to go out again (for good) at 9pm. The winds were very strong by this time, starting to howl a bit. The sky also was continually flashing shades of red.

Overall the damage to Bryn Mawr’s campus is not too bad. Power is still out right now, but the wifi in my dorm is currently working and facilities got the heat on. The dining hall opened at noon, using a second rented generator to power the kitchen.

There are two very large downed trees that I saw, one that shut down our power by falling on the lines. I heard some students say they saw some fires and fire trucks last night, but nothing near where I was. “

Photo Credit: Lee McClennon

“Poor tree. This is one of my favorites on campus, right outside pem east”

“You can really see how one of the big branches is just hanging there”

“Here’s the tree that took out our power”

“The road is technically closed, but a bunch of people are still driving through”

“You can trees knocked over, wet roads, no one to be seen!”

“Hopefully they’re trying to figure out how to fix it”

“Erdman dorm got a jumbo generator so they could feed us”

“A lot of the leaves got knocked off the trees…Sandy killed our fall colors”

“Clearing the walkways of trees. They’ve already go most of them, this is a seldom used path up near the presidents house”

“A very full pond… and its still raining”

“another tree down”

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