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This is the story of a great disappointment. It is the disappointment of the world’s largest democracy

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Serenity and spirituality in South India

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Adieu and Bonjour from the Editor-in-Chief

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Glory to Subhas Bose: A tribute to a great leader

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A neat cross-section of society lies open to interpretation on the sands of Marina.

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My first glimpse of Chennai — the first proper look, not the sprawling landmass at one thousand feet — is a scattering of candy-colored houses, palm trees sprouting from amidst them. For some reason, it’s those palm trees that signal foreignness, how I know I’m actually in Madras1. The airport has changed somewhat. Things seem […]

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“Bhagvan has arrived!” Ramakrishnan whispers.

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A review of NBC’s hilarious new show

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Nazar’s humor column.

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