HSA Navratri 2010

The Hindu Students Association’s annual Navratri celebration was held last Friday from eight to midnight. The event featured a night of dancing, starting with garba and then moving on to dandiya raas and bhangra after the aarthi. Tasty snacks were sold by Bombay Bistro Express. DJ Dholi Price and a Dallas band led by singer Indu Mangrola provided live music.

Navratri was one of our most memorable nights at UT. As part of the HSA active committee, we got to help put on the event, and it felt great to see that our small contributions helped make such a large event possible. Before the actual event, there were several planning committees for the decorations, the publicity, and the West Mall Rally. Both of us had the opportunity to help out where we were interested. When the decorations went up on South Mall on the day of the event, all of the week’s hard work seemed to be well worth it.

Navratri commenced at a slow pace, but grew into an energetic flurry of dancing. Garba’s slow music and complex steps initially discouraged many people from participating. But as more and more people joined the circle, the momentum built up and energized the night. After garba, the whole group came together in reverence for aarthi, although the wind didn’t seem to want to cooperate. Soon afterwards, the pace quickened and more people joined in with dandiya raas and bhangra. Although it would have helped to have better directions to the tables, checking out dandiya sticks was smoothly executed. With the dancing, the food, and the friends, it was a night no one wanted to end. A successful event by all standards, Navratri will be something we will look forward to next year.

Photo Courtesy: Sunayna Rajput, Eesha Gulati

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  1. Hindu Students Association says:

    Nov 1, 2010


    Thanks Pranavi and Prad for such positive feedback! We’re so glad that you and the rest of the attendees had a great time at Navratri, and we can’t wait to see you next year.

    Just a minor correction, the great food was provided by Bombay Express, a delicious local Austin restaurant :)

    You guys are great active members, and we appreciate the help so much — I’m glad you got to see all the hard work embodied in a successful event.

    We can’t wait to see you all at Diwali this Thursday at 7 pm on Main Mall. Get excited for the fireworks!!

    • admin says:

      Nov 1, 2010


      Thanks for pointing out that detail. The article has now been corrected.

      We look forward to attending Diwali too!

      Sumita Sami
      Nazar – A South Asian Perspective

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