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Despite its glass and steel exterior, for the most part, Pune’s down-to-earth-ness and simplicity are retained by its abundant street food culture. Vada paav, pani puri, ragda raav, kutchi daabeli, sev puri, dahi poori, pav bhaji, egg bhurji, chanachur, guddi ke baal and gola,(1) are ubiquitous in the streets, not only co-existing with the McDonalds’ […]

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A discussion on Whitehead’s advice to “Seek simplicity, and distrust it”.

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As I sit and write this piece, the chapori residents must be preparing to battle another flood which might be coming to destroy their lives and livelihoods for one more time. Simply by virtue of being born in a different place, I have escaped the brutality of their lives.

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Samaaria Malik from YOUR DIL speaks about the organization’s purpose to educate children in Pakistan, as well as its current efforts in the war-torn North Western Frontier Province.

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It is only after the third time S has galloped up and down the mandapam stairs that she realizes how unfit this activity is for the wearing of a sari. Six yards of silk had been coaxed into folds and drapes by hands far more skilled than hers. And now they are all coming undone.

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For more than thirteen years, Fulbright recipient David H. Wells has explored South Asia through the lens of his camera. His exhibit, Concurrence: An Evolving India, captures his idea of a country caught between its cultural history and the inevitable march of progress.

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Mumbai’s 26/11 has woken up the sleeping youth-izen, who has finally recognized his rightful role in the world’s largest democracy. Whether it will merely remain a distinct tint in the colorful palette of Indian democracy, or if it will change its landscape forever, is a question that will take many years to answer.

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