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Our only correspondent currently in South Asia, Aditya Mehta takes us on a tour of his favorite city in the world.

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Nazar’s humor column.

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Do not read this review when hungry

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A. R. Rahman makes music that is independent of his name or the hero who dances to it, independent of the banner that flies above the production or the masses that flock below.

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The concept of culture is fluid.

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Your attitudes towards government and politics in India are probably shaped by when you were born.

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When I hear of the martini sessions…

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Film’s working title: Deity Rescue. It is a short student film that will shot on 16mm in Austin, Texas. Story synopsis: A 6 year old boy Anbu meets a talking Ganesh who is totally frustrated with his tree life and convinces Anbu to take it home. Though Anbu is initially excited and serves Ganesh happily, […]

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Although the Tamil cause might be legitimate, the brutal LTTE organization is not one to inspire pride.

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Ghajini demands a chance – if not two or three

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