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On November 26th, at approximately 9.40pm IST, an event unfolded that has left Bombay reeling in shock.

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Relive Jhalak through our exclusive snapshots!

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Indian cricket has never been in better health

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On October 30th, Nazar hosted its first event in the form of a talk on immigrant labor in global cities, presented by Dr. Biju Mathew. Just before his highly successful lecture that evening, writers Shreya Krishnan and Mrinalini Ranjan spoke to Dr. Mathew about his ideas and experiences.

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When I realized I would, yet again, be writing an A. R. Rahman review, I asked myself if I shouldn’t just give up and stop imposing my ridiculous standards on the poor man. Contrary to popular belief, he is only mortal. Yuvvraaj’s trailers seem to advertise a half-baked Euro-Indian romance replete with chandelier concert halls, […]

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When it came down to the wire, the investment-hungry politician and the investment-offering businessman weren’t able to overcome one thing: Indian politics.

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Why is it that I don’t know a word for female genitalia in Hindi which is not simultaneously a swear word?

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It’s been more than a year since the last time I was in Chennai, India. I knew that I would miss home, friends and the city itself. It somehow never struck me that I would miss Tamil.

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Looking around at the large crowd, I realized that if the ICA’s aim was to spread awareness about Indian culture to non-Indians, then they had certainly made some progress. There were a considerable number of non-Indians in the crowd, including a former professor of mine.

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