MP3 Movie Review

Starring: Hazel, Ruslaan Mumtaz, Kanwaljeet Singh, Menekka Arora, Gaurav Gera.

MP3: Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar , or “My First Love”, is a romantic comedy directed by Robby Grewal. It is the story of two teenagers, and the trials that their relationship has to endure before its fairytale ending.

Though it may seem like just another romantic movie churned out by Bollywood, MP3 doesn’t exactly revolve around the usual boy-meets-girl, family objection and boy-gets-girl plot. Movies based on school life are fairly rare in Indian cinema in general, giving MP3 a somewhat fresh angle.

The story revolves around Rohan and Ayesha (newcomers Ruslaan Mumtaz and Hazel), and their budding high school romance. Rohan is portrayed as a carefree young schoolboy who slowly reveals a more romantic side of himself as he falls in love with Ayesha, the “new girl” in school who recently moved from Paris. As mentioned previously, romantic films are aplenty in Bollywood, but MP3 manages to keep things relatively fresh throughout its short running time. A lot of that is because of the appeal of the two main leads, and of other newcomers who turn in good performances. Surprisingly, school life is pretty realistically portrayed and the rapport between Rohan and his friends is real and believable. The problems faced by the young couple are common and many young viewers may relate to them.

However, the movie seemed a bit over the top when Rohan made a trip halfway across the world to make up with Ayesha after their first big fight. Still, the 2nd half of the movie takes place in beautiful Paris, and is carried out efficiently. The adult actors don’t play too much of a role, and the director gives maximum screen time to the youngsters, who certainly don’t waste any of it.

There are still quite a few shortcomings, however. The music in the movie isn’t particularly good, and the pleasing title song isn’t used in the movie. The direction, while solid, isn’t anything out of the ordinary. The plot has some gaping holes – for example, however much teens rebel against their parents, running away to Paris does seem like a stretch. Also, the plot invents contrived scenes simply so that they can reach the ultimate aesthetic cinematic goal, the Eiffel Tower. The ending though was suitably ‘fairytale’ and the movie ends on a high.

On the whole, this is a cute, enjoyable film, a sure hit with the ladies, and a great date movie.

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